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British Grand Prix stopped after Max Verstappen's huge crash following Lewis Hamilton tussle

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Daily Mirror

Lewis Hamilton was given a 10-second penalty for his role in a huge crash for Max Verstappen on the opening lap of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Verstappen was clipped by Hamilton as the pair travelled around Copse Corner at around 180mph and flew through the gravel trap before hitting the tyre wall in a big impact.

Despite initial concerns, he was eventually able to climb out of his car seemingly unscathed, albeit appearing sore as he was checked over by marshals and medics.

He was later taken to a local hospital for further precautionary checks.

A statement from the FIA read: "Following an incident during the FIA Formula 1 British Grand Prix today, 18/07/21, the driver of car #33, Max Verstappen, has been taken to a local hospital for further precautionary checks."
Max Verstappen crashed at high speed after being clipped by Lewis Hamilton on the opening lap of the British Grand Prix (Image: Sky Sports F1)

Verstappen, who started on pole position, was attempting to get back around home favourite Hamilton but his right rear wheel clipped the front left of the Mercedes.

Hamilton quickly told his team on the radio "I've got damage" as Charles LeClerc took the lead before the race was red-flagged due to the incident.

“Is Max okay?” said Hamilton over the radio. “He is out of the car,” Hamilton’s race engineer Peter Bonnington replied.

“I was ahead going in there,” said Hamilton. “I was fully inside, it was my line, and he turned in on me.”
Verstappen fortunately walked away unscathed after the high-speed crash (Image: F1)

He later added: "He turned in on me, man" in reference to the incident as he spoke on the team radio, only for stewards to later conclude he was at fault.

There was huge debate over the potential penalty for Hamilton prior to the restart, with Red Bull team boss Christian Horner calling race director Michael Masi to express his belief Hamilton was firmly to blame.

“Michael, look, that corner, he was never anywhere near alongside,” Horner said.

“Every driver who has driven at this circuit knows you do not stick a wheel up the inside at Copse.
Hamilton clipped Verstappen leaving Red Bull furious (Image: Formula One)

“That’s an enormous accident and it was 100% Max’s corner, so as far as I’m concerned, full blame lays on Hamilton, who should never have been in that position.

“You could’ve had a massive accident, thank god he’s walked away unscathed. I hope you’re going to deal with it appropriately.”

Meanwhile, Mercedes chief Toto Wolff called race direction asking him to check emails he had sent including diagrams of the car trajectory.

"I just sent you an email with the diagrams where the car should be, did you receive that?," Wolff said.

"I think maybe you should look at this because there is something in the rules coming up."

Horner later gave an update on Verstappen to Sky Sports, stating: "Thank god he walked away, that's the biggest result we'll have today.

"He's in the medical centre, but he's walked in there on his own. He's doing a 30-minute precautionary check but so far, so good.

"Thank god we haven't had a driver who has been seriously injured or worse today," he added.
Hamilton was given a 10-second penalty whilst Verstappen was taken to hospital as a precaution (Image: Getty Images)

With Hamilton and Verstappen battling for the World Championship, former Renault driver Jolyon Palmer admitted the incident was "inevitable" at some stage.

"It has been an inevitability that Verstappen and Hamilton would come together this season," Palmer told BBC Radio Five Live.

"Verstappen has been taking the risks and Hamilton, the elder statesman, the one with the seven titles, has maybe had a little bit more maturity in the battle, has back out in certain times.

"But... he can't afford to keep backing out because Verstappen will keep picking up points here and there."

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