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Help! Our Neighbors Exiled My Kids From Their Pool for an Absurd Reason.


Cover picture for the articleDear Prudence is Slate’s advice column. Submit questions here. (It’s anonymous!) The community pools are not open yet. We are in a heat wave. One family on our street has put in a pool and is lording it over the rest of us. They have a teenager and a little girl “Bea.” Bea acts like the little queen of the neighborhood and doles out her favor to the few chosen capable of earning the right to swim. Bea is only “allowed” to invite a few kids over at a time because her sister doesn’t want to “babysit the entire street.” All the girl does is sit in a hammock and play on her phone while the kids swim.

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Rebecca Harter

You & your crotch goblins are not entitled to someone else’s house or their things. It’s their house, their pool & their rules. You can buy a pool at Walmart or off Amazon. Get over yourself. Teach ur kid to keep their hands to themselves, especially around water.

Joyce Higgins

you are not entitled to neighbors pool. if they let you in you need to watch your own kids. it is a big liability to let others use your pool. I agree with another that you can go to Walmart for a pool and take care of your own kids.

Rosa Magana

Parents should raise their kids to have self -control and respect for others. Also I wouldn't allow my children to anyone's home swimming pool and expect another child/teen to be responsible for their safety.


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