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This Morning fans raging as Eamonn and Ruth discuss Christmas shopping in July

Daily Mirror
Daily Mirror

Fans were not on board on social media after Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford discussed Christmas shopping in July, while hosting ITV show This Morning.

Ruth brought up the conversation of Christmas, after reporting that parents had been urged to start looking for the most popular Christmas presents now due to the pandemic.

She said: "I'm the person who has said Christmas and it's July.

"However, parents are being urged to look at what will be the most popular Christmas toys and do it now, because of delays because of the pandemic."

Eamonn agreed with her saying, "good idea, good idea.", to which Ruth replied, "If you want the toy for Christmas, it's not a bad thing to start thinking now."
Fans 'raging' on social media as Eamonn and Ruth talk about Christmas in July (Image: ITV)

However, some viewers were left unimpressed by the conversation and took to social media to share their opinions on the topic.

One viewer took to Twitter to say, "Don't want to know about Christmas in July. Thanks This Morning."

Another viewer said "Christmas?!" with shocked emoji faces.

However, one viewer joked on social media that "there's nothing that beats the rush of running around the shops on the 22 December in a hot sweat."
Giles Brandeth talks about buying Christmas presents early (Image: ITV)

During the 'This Morning's View' segment with Giles Brandeth, the show guest said: "We're doing it this year, because maybe, we've seen Mr Whitty, it may be cancelled.

"Better to have it on the 25th July, I'm getting it all done this week," he joked.

However, not everyone on the talk show segment agreed with Eamonn, Ruth and Giles' on the topic.

Fellow show guest Camilla Tominey said: "I think we should be supporting local shops, so I think actually leave it relatively to the last, well not the last minute, because that's stressful.

"You've got the whole of November and December to worry, not this summer."

This Morning airs weeknights at 10am on ITV, and is available to watch now on ITV Hub.

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