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Katie Price finalises divorce from Kieran Hayler and is now free to marry Carl Woods

Daily Mirror
Daily Mirror

Wedding bells are ringing in the distance for Katie Price and Carl Woods as the former glamour model has finalised her divorce from Kieran Hayler.

The personal trainer, 34, has revealed he is no longer tied down to the star after eight years of marriage.

He confirmed their divorce was finalised on Monday July 12, telling Mail Online: "As of July 12 we are now divorced. It took just over three years. We didn't rush it; it was in the process for a long time and Covid-19 hit, which held up the courts. It wasn't in our hands."

"We did it really amicably, it was all done behind the scenes and neither of us had to go to court. I never wanted any money from her or anything like that, I made a conscious decision in my head it was a clean break and the chance to start my life over again. So, for me it was very easy."
Katie and Kieran were married in 2013 – but split in 2018 (Image: WireImage)

The couple wed in 2013 and split in October 2018.

They managed to end their marriage for under £500 by using a website to help them end their relationship.

Kieran said: "We did it all online. We used an online divorce company, so I found them, I paid for it, got it all setup and all Kate had to do was sign the paperwork, and send it back," adding: "I'm not even joking, it didn't cost any more than £500, because there was no legal battle."

The former couple share custody of their children Jett, seven, and Bunny, six, so it made the process easier for them.

Meanwhile, Katie is celebrating the end of their marriage with Carl, her children and parents, according to the star's representative.
Katie with her husband-to-be Carl (Image: Instagram/carljwoods)

They told the publication: "Katie is celebrating by spending a beautiful country break away with Carl, the children and her parents."

She is currently engaged to hunky Carl, and back in May, Katie vowed to marry him by the end of the year.

Katie wants to do it sooner rather than later so her poorly mum can attend their wedding.

Her mum Amy has a terminal lung condition called idopathic pulmonary fibrosis and she is hoping to have a lung transplant.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain with her new beau, Katie vowed that her fourth wedding will be different to the ones she's had before.

She said: "We've discussed (the wedding) with his parents yesterday and my mum.
Katie and Carl are so loved-up (Image: @katieprice)

"They came up at the weekend and met all the parents.

"And obviously, my mum's terminally ill – my mum's watching, love you mum and yes it's the same as when you were here, I was late again and she's going to have a go at me as I had my lips done yesterday, yes I did it, whatever, she said don't you dare do it before you go on telly – anyway, obviously she's terminally ill and she said she wants us to get married so she sees it."

Carl added: "We'll get married this year and it will be very different to everything Kate's done before."

The Mirror has contacted Katie's representative for a comment.

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