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Royal Family News: Prince Harry’s Ex Reveals That He Was Neurotic and Paranoid

Cover picture for the articleBritish royal family news reveals that Prince Harry, Duke Of Sussex is now a married man, but back in the day he was quite the eligible bachelor. Prince Harry is now pushing the backside of 30 but in his 20s and early 30s he had no shortage of dates and romantic entanglements. Now what one of his past flings really thought about the runaway royal is coming to light.

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Martha McBride Rummel

Thank you for confirming this timeline…he’s been not quite right for a long time! Meghan is not quite right either. That’s why the 2 of them together bring out the worst in each other because they are both victims!

Bob in Florida

Those who have lived for a long time will attest to the fact that "like attracts like" in interpersonal relationships. Just follow true crime programs on T.V. and observe your own contacts to validate that fact. Both H.& M. are mentally and socially troubled with very checkered pasts. Both have extremely self - absorbed egos and neurotic characters that in Harry's case made him unsuitable for bright upper class women. When they realized that they dumped him. And in the end he opted for the likes of Meghan -- perhaps the worst choice for a bride for him on Earth. The bizarre antics of both of them since day one and even before during their wedding during the wedding preparations confirm the sick nature of their relationship. And since the beginning of their marriage it has been an unprecidented disaster for the Royal Family.

Sheri W

And this is why nice suitable English girls didn't want him. Plus his violent behavior toward polo horses and call girls. I bet Maggot gives as good as she gets!


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