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7-Foot-4-Inch 14-Year-Old Basketball Player Sends The Internet into Meltdown

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At 7-foot-4-inches tall, Zhang Ziyu is undoubtedly one for the future. The 14-year-old has sent the internet into a frenzy after footage emerged online of her absolutely tearing oppositions to shreds on the basketball court over in China. A bunch of WNBA teams will have surely seen the viral clip...

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G Shell

when I was kid in the 80s-90s MEN in China weren't taller then 5ft7 🤯 women were never taller then 5ft2 they were tiny so now all of a sudden with the genetics of the smallest people skinny short all that they are all of a sudden having 14year old girls that are 7ft4 GTFO💯🤡🌎 They are 1000% genetically modifying humans in china !


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