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Deshaun Trade: NFL Insider Has 3 Top Destinations for Texans QB


Updates on the ongoing lawsuits against Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson have been few and far between in recent weeks.

Despite this, and there being no clear end in sight to the suits, discussions surrounding where Watson will play next continue to intrigue fans of teams who wish to still acquire him. And according to former New York Jets general manager and current ESPN insider Mike Tannenbaum, the Philadelphia Eagles have to be the favorites to land Watson.

"They have three No. 1 picks, I put them absolutely No. 1 to try to acquire Deshaun Watson," said Tannenbaum. "He would make them an instant contender for years to come if they can get that done."

In theory, Philadelphia also has the advantage of being able to offer the Texans Jalen Hurts in return, a young starting quarterback still on his rookie deal. That being said, the Eagles aren't the only team Tannenbaum believes would be in contention for Watson.

"Ironically, the other two teams, in my opinion, are Carolina and Miami, and Miami and Philadelphia made a trade shortly before the draft where Philadelphia has Miami's first-round pick next year," said Tannenbaum. "That may tip the balance in terms of they have a little bit more ammunition than Miami does to try to get Deshaun Watson" ... "if the situation gets cleared up criminally and civilly, there's no question in my mind Philly's at the top of the list and I would expect them to be very aggressive to try and get Watson."

As with Philadelphia, Miami would be able to offer second-year quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, while Carolina could look to move on from recently acquired QBs Sam Darnold or journeyman Teddy Bridgewater as part of potential trade deals.

But at this point, this is all nothing but conjecture. ... except that SI's Mike Fisher has written often that the Eagles "are monitoring'' a Watson trade situation. And maybe what Tannenbaum is adding here is that the Eagles might have some competition.

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