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Mexican cartel leader, 27, 'is busted out of jail by 30 armed men and escapes in back of an ambulance just 24 hours after he was arrested for drugs and human trafficking'

Daily Mail
Daily Mail
José Alfredo Hernández Campos, who is also known as El Metro 27 and is an alleged high-ranking leader in the Gulf Cartel, was sprung out a local jail in Tamaulipas, Mexico, by a commando group Tuesday

Mexican authorities have launched a search for a high-ranking Gulf Cartel leader after an armed gang dressed in military gear busted into a holding facility across from McAllen, Texas and helped him escape.

José Alfredo Hernández Campos, who is also known as El Metro 27, was sprung out of the Reynosa, Tamaulipas, prosecutor's jail around 7pm Tuesday, just 24 hours after he had been arrested in the municipality of Díaz Ordaz.

The mission took place after Gulf Cartel leader César 'Primito' Morfín had offered the police a $1 million to allow Hernández Campos to walk out of prison. The cops refused.

According to local reports, at least 30 men carrying rifles barged inside the building and subdued the guards before placing Hernández Campos in an ambulance and escaping

He was being held pending an initial appearance before a judge, according to the Attorney General's Office for the state of Tamaulipas.

Security forces fanned out looking for the commando but came under fire from men in a vehicle.

The police returned fire, killing one of the occupants and detaining another.
José Alfredo Hernández Campos is behind the operations of the Gulf Cartel's Metros cell, which was reportedly involved the massacre of 19 individuals, including 16 Guatemalan migrants in January. Pictured above are security forces inspecting a vehicle discovered in Camargo with 15 burned bodies

One of those suspects had an identification card purportedly from the Defense Department, though it was not clear if it was genuine. Both had rifles and wore military-style camouflage clothing.

Another two suspects were detained later. Hernández Campos was not among the suspects in the car.

In recent years, Hernández Campos has steered away from the spotlight while handling the Gulf Cartel's operations in the Tamaulipas cities of Díaz Ordaz and Valadeces.

An elite police unit apprehended him Monday night.

He was taken to the jail at the local police station but just 24 hours later, he was freed by a gang of armed men.
Hernández Campos steered away from the spotlight while handling the Gulf Cartel's operations in the Tamaulipas cities of Díaz Ordaz and Valadeces

According to La Opinión, Hernández Campos oversees a cartel cell that was behind the January massacre of 19 individuals, including 16 Guatemalan migrants, who were shot and burned beyond recognition.

The Metros are one of the larger factions of the now-splintered Gulf cartel, who have been fighting rival factions for control of the area, including the smuggling of migrants.

Hernández Campos is being accused of drug trafficking and trafficking undocumented migrants across the United States-Mexico border.

Assaults by cartel gunmen to free captured suspects are not uncommon in Tamaulipas, where remnants of the Gulf Cartel and the old Zetas gang have been carrying out turf battles for more than a decade.

The border cities are lucrative routes for smuggling drugs and migrants.

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Kurt Griffin

this kind of stuff is going to start happening in the United States soon with our wide open borders , thanks Biden! well thanks whoever is really in charge anyway, Biden couldn't find his way home after dark

brain smasher

No prolema. Just pull up the images from all of those satellites that are in orbit 😀 They can read a license plate, right?

Doesn't Matter

What an over achiever , he's only 27 and already a cartel boss . He will be dead by 30


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