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Christina Haack will keep FIVE houses, her 8.5 carat wedding ring and two cars while ex husband Ant Anstead holds onto seven luxury vehicles and his businesses post-divorce

Daily Mail
Daily Mail

Christina Haack and ex husband Ant Anstead are now divvying up their joint assets, a month after finalizing their divorce.

The couple, who wed in 2018 and split less than two-years later, has agreed to let HGTV diva Haack, 38, keep four California properties and one Tennessee spot while Wheeler Dealers host Anstead, 42, will hold on to seven vehicles, according to TMZ.

Additionally, Haack's 8.5-carat, 16 diamond wedding ring will remain in her jewelry box.

The professional house flipper used to share a Newport Beach, California property with Anstead but it will stay with her. Though they were previously living there as a family, the property is currently up for sale.

Christina purchased the 23-acre Nashville-area vacation property earlier this year. The remaining three properties in her possession are likely homes she is renovating to resell.
HERS: HGTV diva Haack, 38, will keep four California properties and one Tennessee spot. The Newport Beach, California home she used to share with Ant and will keep ownership of, above, is on the market
HERS: Christina purchased the 23-acre Nashville-area vacation property earlier this year, seen above in photos by Solomon C. Davis
HERS: Haack's 8.5-carat, 16 diamond wedding ring (worn in 2019 above) will remain in her jewelry box

Ant will keep a luxe car collection that includes a Range Rover, Land Rover, 2019 Lotus Type 62, Alfa Romeo Tipo, 1958 Porsche which Christina gave him for his 40th birthday, Ford Mustang and a Comet.

He'll also retain 100 percent ownership of his businesses, which include the media production company Ant Anstead Limited.

Christina, who is a mother-of-three, will also leave with a full garage, however, set to keep a Range Rover and a Bentley.

Both Christina and Ant have found new love since their divorce, which was finalized in June.

Ant and actress Renee Zellweger went public with their relationship earlier this month and Christina debuted her relationship with new beau Josh Hall not long after.

The British television personality reportedly 'hit it off' with the 52-year-old Chicago star as they filmed an episode of his upcoming Discovery+ series Celebrity IOU: Joyride in early June, as per People .
HERS: The mother-of-three will keep her Range Rover and a Bentley (above with the Bentley in May 2017)
HERS: The house flipping professional is seen with her Range Rover in 2019 above

In Ant and Christina's divorce settlement the former couple agreed to share 50/50 custody of their one-year-old son Hudson.

Haack also shares two children with first husband Tarek El Moussa, who she still stars on the home renovation show Flip Or Flop with.

El Moussa has since gone on to a romance with Selling Sunset star Heather Rae Young, 33, as the pair are engaged.

Haack recently opened up on Instagram about how she had made acquaintance with her new beau after a recharging phase in which she 'had taken time off social, hired a spiritual coach and smoked a Bufo toad.'

Bufo toad, which is also known as toad venom, contains secretions of bufotenine and 5-MeO-DMT, according to the National Library of Medicine, which are 'two substances known for their psychedelic properties.'

According to the library, some of its 'users say inhaling the vapors of the toad's secretion helps ease feelings of depression and stress,' and they are 'are considered controlled substances by the Drug Enforcement Administration.'

The substance, which is also referred to as the Colorado river toad or the Sonoran desert toad, is most common in areas of Mexico and the U.S. Southwest. It has been illegal in California dating back to 1970, and outlawed in multiple U.S. states.

Haack added in an Instagram post that when they met this past spring, their 'synchronicities hit us so hard and fast they were impossible to ignore' and that she 'felt immediately crazy protective over him and wanted to keep him for myself and get to know each other before' the media caught on.

Haack said she and Hall have 'a few solid months of just us getting to know each other' and she has 'loved every second of it.'

She added of Hall: 'I want to thank him for whisking me away on a romantic tropical vacation he planned entirely on his own.'

Not much is known about Hall, but it was uncovered by numerous outlets that the hunk was a former police officer and now works in real estate, which Christina is plenty familiar with.

He is currently based in Austin, Texas and works for a successful realty firm in the area.
HIS: Ant's luxe car collection includes a Range Rover, Land Rover, 2019 Lotus Type 62, Alfa Romeo Tipo, a 1958 Porsche which Christina gave him for his 40th birthday (above), a vintage Ford Mustang and a Comet
HIS: Ant and actress Renee Zellweger went public with their relationship earlier this month. They're seen with his vintage Ford Mustang on July 4th 2021 above

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she can't survive without a man in her life, always on vacation without her kids, hell, I'd be loving life to. basically she's a shut that got rich off of marrying Ant, she knew what she was doing. living separate before she has his baby, who solidified her wealth. no wonder ppl want to throw up at the site of her.

Bob Rosenthal

She jumps from one guy to another, how despicable. Why she ever left Tarek is sad?? But, she must like being in bed with one guy after another, feel sorry for the kids. Get your act together.

Domigene Yellets

One divorce I can see, but two? You need to take a hard look at yourself and how you are contributing to the divorces. Learn from them.


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