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Sarah Ferguson reveals what Diana would have thought of Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton

Daily Mirror
Daily Mirror

The Duchess of York was once a close friend of the late princess and the pair had known each other since their early teens.

Diana tragically died in a car crash in 1997 and did not get to see Prince William or Prince Harry marry.

But Sarah has now said that if Diana were still here today, she would be proud of the fact their wives Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have their "own voice".

Speaking to People, she explained: "If she were sitting with me right now, I know she would say, 'I am so proud of both of my boys and the wonderful wives they have chosen.
Sarah says Diana would have been proud of Kate and Meghan as "each has her own voice" (Image: Getty Images)
Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson who were once close friends (Image: The LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images)

"Because each has got her own voice.

"And she would be just like me, obsessed with her grandchildren. Because that's what she loved. Diana adored my girls. She adored the boys. This would be her haven. Her heaven."

In the days when Sarah was married to Prince Andrew and Diana to Prince Charles, the two women were often seen together and both official and casual events and even on holiday.

Sarah added that she and Diana were "best friends" from when she was 15 and the princess was 14. And she credits Diana with teaching her about public life.

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Sarah says that Diana would have been obsessed with her grandchildren (Image: Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images)
Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle together at Wimbledon in 2019 (Image: PA)

At the time of Diana's death, it was reported that the pair had not been on speaking terms for a year.

In her tell-all book, Finding Sarah, the Duchess claims she never knew the reason for the falling out but said "once Diana got something in her head it stuck there for a while".

In the interview, she addresses these claims and says they had promised each other they would "always be together".

It's not the first time that Sarah has addressed rumours of tension between herself and Diana.

In an open letter published in Hello!, she wrote: "Women, in particular, are constantly pitted against and compared with each other in a way that reminds me of how people tried to portray Diana and me all the time as rivals, which is something neither of us ever felt."

While in 2018, she spoke of how she thought of Diana during her daughter Princess Eugenie's wedding.

She told MailOnline : "I thought of absent friends and family; of Diana - but she is with me all the time."

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Angela Golden

I think Princess Diana would be disappointed how the Markles have behaved since leaving the monarch. Diana wanted Harry to stand by his brother William when he becomes king. Diana raised her son's to be there for each other and Megan put a stop to Diana's dreams for her boys. Harry has been unhappy and never smiles since marrying Megan like he did before marrying Megan. I bet Megan is jealous of Diana even though she is forever gone. Wives should want the best for there husband's like Catherine unlike Megan who wants to cash in on Harry's mental health and unhappiness since marrying her this is what sales not happy marriages. I think if Diana was still with us he wouldn't of married that social climber ,*!#,*//+in a billion years. No way would Diana want her son marry a women who would eventually destroy her son's life.

Viola Elizabeth Davis-Whatley

Prince Williams have Charles Way and Harry has Diana' ways Harry seems to be sad all the time like he misses mother I am sure he does by him being the youngest when she died my heart goes out to both boys especially for Harry

Viola Elizabeth Davis-Whatley

Princess Diana was a beautiful respectful Queen she was loved by everybody and Harry is just like his mom he have all of her ways but Prince Charles he is more his daddy's child he has nothing like Diana I know she's looking down at both our boys knowing that Harry is all Diana he is such a sweetheart


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