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Stephen King: Horror Story

Cover picture for the articleWe climbed through 7,000 feet and I was wondering if I could persuade my family to go see a movie that night when the Lear seemed to run into a brick wall. In that instant I felt sure we’d had a midair collision and that the three of us on the plane—both pilots and me—were going to die. The little galley flew open and vomited its contents. The cushions of the unoccupied seats shot into the air. The little jet tilted...tilted some more...then rolled completely over. I felt that part, but didn’t see it. I had closed my eyes. My life didn’t flash before me. I didn’t think But I had so much more to do. There was no sense of acceptance (or non-acceptance, for that matter). There was just the surety that my time had come.

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Ok Stephen , where is the book that goes with that bit of nostalgia?.....come on give it up.....just not too awfully scary, I am an old lady after all....😎🍸.....


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