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Bill Cowher on Mike Tomlin's future with Steelers: 'He'll be first one to know when it's time to walk away'

CBS Sports

Cover picture for the articleSimilar to Chuck Noll's departure from the Steelers, Bill Cowher barely left a trace of his time with the organization when he cleared out his office in January 2007. Cowher did, however, leave one thing behind for his successor, Mike Tomlin. The Hall of Fame coach informed Tomlin of his "gift" shortly after Tomlin took over as Steelers coach.

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James Jimenez

die hard steelers fan here ... I will say this ... tomlin is definitely one of the best coaches in the nfl ... with that being said ... as a fan I have yelled at the TV at some of his decisions and game plans but the same can be said of me by my wife lol but in the long run she has kept me just as I have chosen to like Mike Tomlin as the Steelers coach 👍


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