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I quit work to plan my wedding full-time but now my man refuses to get a second job to pay for it

The US Sun
The US Sun

A BRIDE has been savaged online after revealing she quit work to plan her wedding full-time and was left outraged when her fiancé refused to get a second job in order to cover costs for their big day.

The woman had turned to the internet for advice, explaining that she and her husband-to-be are "having a lot of issues" as he doesn't "understand" her decision to leave her job ahead of their wedding.
She vented her frustration over her fiancé refusing to get a second job to cover the couple's $80,000 wedding costs Credit: Reddit

Posting to Reddit, reports Tyla, she wrote: "HELP I NEED ADVICE. My fiancé and I are having lots of issues right now, we can't stop fighting and I don't know what to do.

"I quit my job because wedding planning was taking up so much time and my fiancé is refusing to get a second job."

The frustrated bride-to-be insisted that she "doesn't have time" to be working as she needs to focus on planning their wedding that is costing the pair a huge $80,000 (around £57,000).

She asked her groom to pick up a second job to cover the expensive wedding bill, but was left royally "p****d off" when he refused.

Her post continued: "He doesn't understand that I don't have time to get ready for work, drive to work, be somewhere else all day, and drive home.

"I need to be HOME to plan this wedding. I'm trying to find a job from home but it is difficult. I asked him to get a second job and he won't.

"It really p***es me off because we are spending $80,000 on this wedding and he keeps saying that we should spend less. UH, HELLO, NO."

"This is MY wedding I have been dreaming of since I was little and I REFUSE to have anything but my dream wedding," the woman insisted, before asking: "How can I convince him to work a second job to pay for this? What happened to 'happy wife happy life'?"

People were left outraged by her post and mocked the bride-to-be, calling her "over the top".

One person commented on her post: "This person is way over the top and hopefully the husband found some senses in him."

Questioning her decision to quit work, another joked the groom should "run as fast as you can," adding: "How could planning a wedding possibly take 40hrs a week for weeks?"

A third person slammed the bride, as they posted: "She wants the wedding, but not the marriage."
People called the bride-to-be 'over the top' as they slammed her behaviour Credit: Shutterstock


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Robin Kiesler

the groom to be shouldn't have to pay for it.go back to work.its unfair of you to even ask him to work 2 jobs just so u can have a big wedding.the Family of the bride to be pays for EVERYTHING..not the groom..if there is no other family the BRIDE pays for it herself.GO BACK TO WORK.


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