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John Travolta shares happy news after heartbreaking year - fans are thrilled

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Cover picture for the articleJohn Travolta received an outpouring of love and support just days after he marked the year anniversary of his wife Kelly Preston's untimely death. The Saturday Night Fever star and his two remaining children, Ella and Benjamin, recognised Kelly's passing in private, choosing not to pay tribute on social media.

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Gerri LaGrange

John there are No Words of comfort we can use to console your breaking heart at the loss of Our Beautiful Kelly a Angel arrived on July 14 to enter into a World Filled with Joy Laughter & Love that Kelly gave to all of us into the heavens she went to be reunited with lost loved ones! We lost a Beautiful Soul But Heaven Gain that Beautiful Soul that day! She will Always be remembered by me! You both made that Word Couple & Marriage recognized as Something Great! If we all Could have found the love of our life like you did what a honor it would be! I Have Always Loved your Family & Followed you even before you became this Superstar! I am So Proud of You & Kelly Two Great Parents & The Best at what you both have done in your life! All I can say is Thank You John Kelly & Family! Your Children will be are next Super Star's! 🌟 ❤ 🌟

Beverly Piedmont

I'm sorry for your loss. I completely empathize. Your picture shows you 3 are moving forward and coping by being strong for each other. I know you miss her but she is watching and with you everyday. Days can be difficult, but remember God may close a door to open another. Smile because you have your children who deeply love you plus millions of fans including me. ❤ May Jesus continue to bless your children and you. xoxo


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