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NCIS' Premiere Date Revealed but Fans Remain Unhappy with Cast Changes

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The new season of NCIS is premiering this September, but fans who were excited about the all-new episodes are no longer due to changes in the cast. While fans of the NCIS show, which is entering its 19th season this year, were really looking forward to the show's new season, they are disappointed that some of their favourite cast members will not be returning to the show.

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James Roth

I'll keep watching. I want to see how they close out the Finale. As the article says, all things change. and Weatherly's comment about "allowing for the natural progression" couldn't be more true. I mean, Gibbs certainly is old enough to "retire" and make occasional appearances. Harmon is almost 70. How many of YOU hope to be retired by then?

jeff hei

I watched the show all the time right up until the season Tony left and then the next season they brought ziva back from the dead which just blew it for me and I've been out ever since I just couldn't do it

Monica Christopherson

Why would people be upset over cast members that have been gone for years?? Has nothing to do with season 19..probably last season. I will watch it to the end!


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