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'I quit working to plan my wedding - now my fiancé is refusing take a second job'

Daily Mirror
Daily Mirror
The woman said she "can't stop fighting" with her fiancé after he refused to double his work load (stock image) (Image: Getty Images)

Wedding planning can be a nightmare, and it can sometimes feel as though there just aren’t enough hours in the day to work through your extensive to-do list.

That’s why one woman decided to quit her full-time job so that she could devote all her free time to planning her big day – but expected her fiancé to take on more work in order to make up for the lost income.

And when her partner refused to work himself to the bone for the sake of their wedding, she was left seething.

In a Reddit post, the woman fumed: “My fiancé and I are having lots of issues right now, we can't stop fighting and I don't know what to do.

“I quit my job because wedding planning was taking up so much time, and my fiancé is refusing to get a second job.
She is refusing to "pay less" for her wedding because she wants to have her "dream" ceremony (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

“He doesn't understand that I don't have time to get ready for work, drive to work, be somewhere else all day, and drive home. I need to be home to plan this wedding. I'm trying to find a job from home but it is difficult.

“I asked him to get a second job and he won’t.”

The woman insisted she needs her partner to earn more money to fund the whopping £58,000 ($80,000) price tag attached to their wedding day.

And she’s refusing to “spend less” on her special day, because she’s been “dreaming” of her wedding for years and won’t settle for anything less.

She added: “It really p***es me off because we are spending $80,000 on this wedding and he keeps saying we should spend less.

“Uh, hello, no. This is my wedding I have been dreaming of since I was little and I refused to have anything but my dream wedding.

“How can I convince him to work a second job to pay for this? What happened to ‘happy wife, happy life’?”

The Reddit post attracted thousands of comments, with many telling the woman she is being “over the top” with her demands.

One person wrote: “I’m getting married in less than 2 months. And although it’s been stressful, it definitely isn’t so time consuming enough to quit our jobs.

“This person is way over the top, and hopefully the husband found some senses in him.”

While another added: “Her fiancé needs to run my friend, run like the wind! You will absolutely be describing these conversations to a therapist or a divorce attorney within the decade.”

Other commenters couldn’t believe the huge costs attached to the wedding.

A shocked Reddit user wrote: “Her terrible personality issues aside, how the f*** do you spend $80k on a wedding?

“I had a destination wedding and paid for multiple people’s airfare/hotel, and it still didn’t even hit $20k.”

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April M

I don't get why anyone would quit their job just because their getting married, that just sounds crazy to me, I got married that thought never crossed my mind you still have bills don't you

AJ Rodriguez

A full fledged KAREN. He needs to run now. She will never be satisfied with what they have and she will demand more and more.


I’ve seen weddings, that the decorations were simple but elegant! If she won’t change her mind, he should run far away now!


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