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Reggie Miller explains why Lakers should ‘absolutely not’ trade Anthony Davis for Damian Lillard

Lakers Daily
Lakers Daily
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NBA legend Reggie Miller recently explained why he doesn’t believe the Los Angeles Lakers should trade superstar Anthony Davis for fellow superstar Damian Lillard. “Absolutely not,” Miller said when asked if he would trade Davis for Lillard. “As much as I love Damian Lillard, Lillard has to have the ball in his hands to be successful. It’s what’s made him great. A great isolation, one-on-one, high pick-and-roll player. For LeBron [James], what he’s done throughout his career, needs the ball to be successful. I don’t think they would play well off of one another. I just don’t. And I think that’s why Anthony Davis is a perfect complement, if he can stay healthy, to LeBron.”

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