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Spartan Nation Mailbag: Will Aaron Henry's NBA Draft Stock Increase?


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Hondo, I am concerned.

Tom Izzo has said in the past that when a guy leaves and is an NBA first-rounder, it is good for the Spartans.

But when a player leaves, like Aaron Henry, who isn't going in the first round, does it hurt us? Secondly, why would Aaron do this? It makes no sense.

Kyle Mahoney

Kyle, Tom has said many times that a player leaving early and being a first-round NBA Draft pick is better for the program in the recruiting world than a Final Four. That is true; I've heard that from recruits.

As far as Aaron leaving and if he goes in the second-round, I do not think it hurts Michigan State.

Again, it would help by Izzo putting yet another player in the Association.

Addressing the why did Aaron go, I have a lot to say about this subject. I have the privilege of knowing Aaron and his amazing parents very well.

They are awesome people. When a young man leaves Michigan State, fans love to say he isn't ready or he shouldn't go. I get that; they are fans. But, they don't think about the players. Aaron has done all that he was asked to do by the program. For whatever reason he chose to leave, fans need only leave him with a thank you and a bit of good luck.

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