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Donovan Mitchell, not Rudy Gobert, is what’s wrong with the Jazz

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Rudy Gobert has been receiving some flak for the Utah Jazz’s early postseason exit amid their stellar regular season. Fans expected Gobert to literally swat every shot hurled at him, especially after snagging his third Defensive Player of the Year plum. Obviously, this wasn’t the case as the Jazz got manhandled by the Los Angeles Clippers in just six games in the second round of the NBA Playoffs. A closer look at some numbers may reveal that while Gobert had some shortcomings, Donovan Mitchell too may be the culprit for the Jazz’s misfortunes.

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da chairs

Neither are the problem, that team had a great season, not everybody can win a championship every year, just be happy, it took 46 years for my team to even make it, they’ve got a good thing going, nothing a couple B free agents couldn’t fix


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