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New York City, NY

Cop Seen Punching Black Woman In The Throat At New York Walmart

Cover picture for the articleA police officer was placed on administrative leave after a video captured him punching a woman in the throat during an arrest at a New York Walmart, WSYR reported. The scuffle occurred on July 4 when officers were dispatched to the store in East Syracuse after two women were fighting and using pepper spray.

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my mind

Bi-atchs deserved it. Once you get violent I have no problem with officers treating you like a common criminal. Doesn't matter if you're male or female. Pregnant or not pregnant. TS. Go blue!

Aj Snaggle

yo I was on her side until she tried to bite him like a rabid dog, he said BOP not today lol. and tell me why if you're pregnant you're brawling in walmart anyway? make it all make sense. that video was shamefully funny tho.

Scat Pack!! 392

These two cops God bless them. The black women went right to racism and bad cops from jump. Sickening! They need jail time to wake up to realize what they did. The cops need a raise!


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