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Seattle, WA

Seattle woman, 'humiliated' by flight attendant over dirty diaper, says she was told she was on no-fly list

NBC News
NBC News

Cover picture for the articleA Seattle woman said a flight attendant humiliated her mid-flight for trying to dispose of her daughter's dirty diaper in a bathroom garbage bin and later told her that she had been placed on a no-fly list for creating a biohazard. The woman, Farah Naz Khan, 34, said Monday that...

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Herb Souza

nope,I don't believe this for a nosey as everyone is, not one other passenger is coroborating her story?if it was as aggressive as she states it was, I have a hard time believing that...just my opinion 🤷


That FA is so fired if he called her after the flight to intimidate her with a bogus story about being placed on the no fly list. The flight crew would have to file a report and it would have to be investigated by the Feds before that happened. Doesn't sound like that happened.

Leisa Henness

Wow , How Rude Of Him , Does He Not Have A Superior Or Supervisor That You Could Report This Too ? Call The FAA, And Give Them Your Flight Information And Time Of Arrival , They Should Be Able To Enforce An Apology From Both Airlines And The Flight Attendant And If You Saved His Incoming Phone Number Date And Time Of His Call To Your Cell Phone , To Bad You Did Not Press Record And Save It As Evidence Of Harassment And Stalking ! Have Him Fired And Banned From Working In The Airport Both Public And Private ! Sue Him In Civil Court ! If He Did This To You , What Has He Done To Others ? How Long Has He Been A Flight Attendant ?


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