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Katie Price's son Harvey calls her fiance Carl Woods a very rude name in cheeky banter

Daily Mirror
Daily Mirror

Katie Price’s son Harvey comically branded her fiancé Carl Woods a “d**khead” in a hilarious Instagram video.

The video left fans in stitches of laughter as Carl got more than he bargained for with Harvey's cheeky banter.

"Harv, you're not going to believe it,” explained Carl as he tried to put together his Insta video to his 181,000 followers.

“I've done our Instagram post and I've only gone and spelt ‘allowed’ wrong.

Harvey replied: "Absolutely d***head, Carl."

Former Love Island star Carl had gone to see Harvey at the small house the 19-year-old disabled teenager lives in close to the family home.

But Katie’s future husband got the shock of his life as Harvey, who has a habit of swearing, quickly put Carl in his place.

So much so that Carl, 31, opened up a poll on his social media account

“Harvey knows,” offered Carl, sharing a picture of himself with raised eyebrows and Harvey sat behind him. “YES or HELL YES?” were the two options for fans to click on.
Katie Price's son Harvey insults her fiance Carl Woods in rude outburst

Earlier in the day Carl and Harvey, who has series of different disabilities, had fun as they got ready for England’s Euro 2020 final with Italy at Wembley.

To celebrate the special occasion, Carl got Harvey a bottle of Robinson’s orange squash, his favourite drink.

"Harv I've got my orange squash, you've got yours,” asked Carl in another video.

“We're going to cheers while we watch telly. Ready? Cheers!"

Harvey replied sweetly: "How cool is that squash? Cheers mate, thank you" before blowing an air kiss to his step-dad.

The teenager has previously reacted badly to the idea of drinking beer when it was jokingly suggested by Carl, so the car-expert opted for the orange juice route this time.
Teenager Harvey told Carl what he thought of his Instagram mishap

Carl shared a video in April in which he offers Harvey a bottle of Peroni.

"Harv, I've got you a nice cold beer,” said Carl.

But Harvey was having none of it and shouts: "No Carl," and Carl asked: "Why not?"

"No" repeated Harvey. "Go on, have a beer with me,” offered Carl.

An animated Harvey rejected the offer again before Carl suggested: "What do you want then, an orange squash?"

A delighted Harvey replied: "Yeah."
Katie showed off her new look after face surgery ( Image: ITV)

Meanwhile, Harvey’s mum Katie has defended her recent face surgery and posted a “completely unfiltered” close-up snap of herself.

“Here we go completely unfiltered picture nothing like the papers show my face as but anyway look at my gorgeous lashes I got done by Annabel @masterlashuk.”

Former glamour model Katie added: “And the good thing is I can wear my own lash range lashes with them too @bykatieprice ( I’m still healing from face surgery too).”

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