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Donald Trump lied 12 times during Fox interview. CNN checks the facts

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CNN anchors fact check Former President Trump’s 12 lies during a single Fox News interview. The fallacies were pointed out by CNN’s Marshall Cohen reporting.

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Calvin Henderson

Anyone ever remember your parents emphasizing how important it is to be truthful? I guess since Trump hit the scene, none of that matters anymore. So lie like there’s tomorrow, because that’s exactly what’s happening.

Evening joe

Anyone with eyes and half a brain can see that Trump is lying through his teeth .it is Fox News fault for not challenging his multitude of lies.


It is not just the lying, It is the overtone of feeling victimized, double standards. Attacking people in his party, and the last administration, putting out misinformation. Then the undertones of narcissism with I am a great person and have done great things. I started a wall not completed in my 4 years, got a vaccine here for a virus that I think is a hoax, and people love my delusions of grandeur. It is behavior that is demeaning to all and even themselves. This is a former president that is displaying dissension, and repugnant lies concerning our welfare. A one term president that lost, and still has no solutions, plan or direction to lead this country towards a better Nation for it's citizens. At least with his nature known you see what you are getting, but to have it as your parties motivation is a bad political move. It is a display of failure, desperation, and a disintergration of the party. The party has kept a weak foundation and no basis of strengthening it or retaining it w


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