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Diana Ross’ Blonde Granddaughter Jagger Shows No Resemblance to Her While Rocking Swimsuit in Beach Pic


We call Diana Ross a legendary Motown singer, but eight young children call her grandma. The musical icon’s youngest son Evan recently shared a picture of the icon’s adorable granddaughter, Jagger.

Jagger Snow Ross may sound like the name of a rockstar, but she is actually a five-year-old girl. Her father is Diana Ross’s youngest son, Evan Ross, and her mother is his wife and pop artist, Ashlee Simpson.

Fans can usually spot the little girl on her parents’ Instagram pages, as seen on her father’s one recently. Jagger wears an ombre purple and blue swimsuit while standing in a beachside swimming pool in the picture.

Her adorable yet cheeky smile shows that the young girl may have a playful side like many of her family members. However, her long blonde hair and facial features are not elements she shares with most of her family.

Although Ross and Jagger do not bear much resemblance, the grandmother and granddaughter duo are close. Paparazzi captured Ross treating her grandchild to a sushi lunch date when she was only two years old.

Jagger also stole the show during Ross’s 2017 American Music Awards performance. She and her older cousin Raif-Henok Emmanuel Kendrick joined their grandma on stage, where Jagger held onto Ross with a stunned look on her face.

Ross’s five children have sung her praises as a mother and credit her for always being present in their childhood. As a result, it is no surprise to learn that she practices the same dedication to her grandchildren.

Ross’s daughter, Rhonda, revealed that the legendary singer is a great grandmother to her grandchildren. She shared that Ross is not strict with the children but doesn’t spoil them too much, giving them a perfect balance.

Rhonda also reveals that Ross is loving and generous with the children, despite never letting them get away with trouble. Consequently, they all love to spend time with their grandma and each other as cousins, according to Evan.

However, things didn’t seem welcoming for the newest addition to the family, Jagger’s baby brother Ziggy Blu. According to the 5-year-old’s parents, Jagger was unimpressed upon learning they were having a boy.

Evan recalls the day his daughter had a meltdown after finding out she would be a big sister to a baby brother. The actor shared that he and his family did a gender reveal on Zoom and recollected Jagger’s reaction:

“...I could see her like, on my side and it was like, she broke down, [She] was like, so upset.”

Although Jagger’s initial reaction was not ideal, Evan assures audiences that she loves the baby now. The sweet relationship between Jagger and her baby brother must have made the past year at home easy for the parents.

However, it seems as if Evan would have been happy to spend the extra time with his children regardless. Ross’s often praised the attentive and dedicated parenting style has rubbed off on her children, including Evan.

The actor opened up about fatherhood during the pandemic and had a much more positive outlook than most. He shared that he was grateful for the amount of time he has spent bonding with the children.

Evan also explains that parenting during the pandemic has been easy for him and his wife, who make a fantastic team. Another great addition to his team is his stepson Bronx, who Evan says is helpful with the younger children.

Ross must be so filled with joy to see all of her love and attention spread through the generations. Hopefully, the entire family has spent more time together this year as things get safer.

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don't doit

l am speechless.... the title was racist..... Jagger is cute yes she looks mixed.... the only 2kids who look likeDiana are her oldest daughter and the daughter from Girlfriends. l think hatred of dark skin color is quite evident in this family starting with THE GRANDMOTHER!!!!! DIAN😬👍🏻

Cassandra Wilson

Part of the problem are the journalists & media that are allowed to even publish these articles. The headline is completely irrelevant & causes prejudice. Most know that mixed children can come out looking all sorts of different skin tones, hair color, hair texture, even eye shape. It's not a big deal. Who doesn't have at least one person in their family who they don't resemble? Doesn't mean they aren't blood.

Jules Renee

although they don't bear much resemblance, they are close? why does resemblance even matter


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