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How to find a purebred dog at a rescue shelter

Cover picture for the articleAll abandoned animals deserve a forever home and the love of a human family who will play with them, care for them, and ensure they live the rest of their days happy and carefree. We’re big supporters of adoption over purchasing animals, but what happens if you have your heart set on a certain breed? You’re in luck. It’s possible to find a purebred dog at rescue shelters nationwide. In fact, an estimated 20%–30% of all shelter dogs are purebreds.

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Vicki Rice

This is is great that you want to get a dog but why does a dog have to be purebred before you adopt it? Go back on heir personalities when you meet them. Visit a few times & see what is best, even if it isn’t purebred.

Michelle Youngblood

All of my fur babies are different breeds and I love them all. We have a German Shepherd named Sasha, Chocolate Lab named Roxie, Dutch Shepherd named Jerri Leigh, chi and Italian Greyhound named Loki, and another Chi named Mara, and a cat named Jerri Jr. I've never been one to have a pure breed if I can give them a good home and spoil them and give them a good life I've done my job.


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