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Elon Musk warns the US Military: China will overtake the US. “The US will be militarily second to China” without radical innovation, Musk says

Cover picture for the articleEarly this year, Elon Musk’s friend and co-founder of PayPal Peter Thiel, warned that big tech companies are too cozy with China. Calling Google a ‘treasonous’ company,” Thiel said the tech giant is working with the Chinese military through its artificial intelligence work with Chinese universities, a charge that Google later denied as “baseless.”

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Danger Close

He's not wrong. China is becoming a real problem. Meanwhile, all we're worried about is what racist thing happened today and who's getting canceled next.

Angela K Arden

WE meaning our lame businesses who are buying Chinese products and selling them in America, are making China rich!!! We need products MADE IN THE USA!


Lol. It’s makes me sad to say this but we already are second to China. They own us. They own the majority of our debt, we do all the research and spend all the money on military weapons and they take it for free. Our government is soo scared to say anything negative about China and that show how much they own us. They killed million of American from their virus and still have not been held accountable. It also don’t help that we have a president who’s been paid million and millions of $$$$ directly from the Chinese government. Joe used to talk about how broke he was and now somehow he a millionaire doing the same job for 50+ years. What’s changed; definitely not his government pay but his side dealing and being Vice President and now president. As his influence grew so did his bank account and so did his pathetic brother and junkie sons. China bought our country because our leader secretly put it up for sale. We are now seeing that sale flourishing chinas power and influence. I hate s


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