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The Real Reason Meghan McCain is Leaving “The View”


Cover picture for the articleDuring its time on the air, The View has seen a lot of hosts come and go. The last few years have certainly been no exception. Whether it be drama with fellow co-hosts or personal issues, people don’t seem to stay on the show for more than a few seasons. Now, one of the newer additions is already making her exit. In July 2021, Meghan McCain, who joined the series in 2017, announced that she would be leaving. Many assumed that her exit was because of the tense relationship she’s had with some of her co-hosts, or the backlash she often gets from viewers. However, her reason for leaving probably isn’t what a lot of people think. Keep reading to get the scoop on why Meghan McCain is leaving The View.

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Lons Aucker

Megan McCain is a sad representative of a human being. Her departure from our TV sets, couldn't happen to a more deserving person. Makes perfect sense . . . her father was a dedicated R.I.N.O., for a member of congress. Must run in the family.


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