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I Was On A Perfect Date Until His Comment About My Face Caused Everything To Unravel


Cover picture for the articleMy first date with Jordan was moving along seamlessly when out of nowhere he made a strange joke about my appearance. “Wow, good thing you don’t have anything in your teeth,” he said while I was busy laughing, “because your teeth stick out so much it’s like, ‘Whoa.’”. He imitated...

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Jaime Lugo

Im 48 lost my teeth in a car accident, if some doesn't see your inner beauty there the ones with a problem....if you ask me I think your drop dead gorgeous, there is nothing wrong with you from what I can see..I would be proud to show you off to the world with my toothless

Valerie Howell-McNulty

I think that was soooo RUDE, and INSENSITIVE for her date to make a COMMENT about her facial features like that on a FIRST date, for that matter. 🤔🤔 Sounds like to me you DODGE a BULLITT THERE my friend. 💯💯👏👏👍👍It makes me WONDER if you were out on a 'Date' with a Narcissist?? Because a REAL, MAN with PROPER 'Date Etiquette', Charm, and just general human Kindness and Decency 'KNOWS' how to BEHAVE in front of a Lady, annnnd it's his FIRST Date, no less!! Like, WOWWW for REAL, MAN??!!You DON'T know HOW to BEHAVE on a DATE with a LA-DY??!! NO WONDER you're SINGLE??!!😒😒😡😡Ma'am, it's OKAY. 👍👍I'm GLAD you are doing 👍👍👏👏BETTER now, and that you did NOT give that guy a SECOND chance of a 'DO-OVER' for a second date!! Like, N-O??!! 😒😒😡😡


Interesting! I never heard of BDD, but I think I have it! It’s a relief to know IM not alone, and there is an actual name for it


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