How you can get money from the BCBS Settlement

WKBW 7 News Buffalo
WKBW 7 News Buffalo

If you have ever had Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) health insurance since 2008, you probably recently received a notice in the mail or by email that you are a part of a $2.67 billion settlement that may affect your rights.

Yes, it’s real. But, what does that actually mean?

BCBS companies sued the BCBS Association for violating antitrust laws. The association denies all claims.

What did the court decide?

A BCBS Association spokesperson told 7 Eyewitness News that both parties reached a settlement, and the Association agreed to make some operational changes. They also agreed to pay members involved in the case.

Are you eligible?

You are if you were covered by BCBS between February 2008 and October 2020.

What can you do next?

You have a few different options:

  • You can do nothing and get no money.
  • You can asked to be excluded and get no money.
  • You can object the settlement.
  • You can file a claim and possibly be compensated.

You can file a claim here . It does not take very long, but you do need your unique ID that was sent to you.

All claims by mail or online must be filed by November 5. The next hearing is October 20.

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remain anonymous

we shouldn't have to file. They know EXACTLY who was covered and doing the RIGHT THING would be to just send the compensation

David Cummings

Why had BCBS not sent out information on this. I’ve been with them since 2000 and I’m still with them. This is the first I’ve heard about this.

I reckon so

I got 58 bucks. Yeah well, I didn't expect anything. Option to file a claim for more with proof. I don't have all the info they request, so I filled gas tank up and moved on


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