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Bye Prince George? Kate Middleton and Prince William Thinking of Getting Son Out of London

Cover picture for the articleThere is a high chance that Prince George could leave London, after he turns eight on July 22. Kate Middleton and Prince William are reportedly mulling over this decision and pondering what their next moves would be if it does happen. According to Express UK, Prince George would have to...

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Donna Thompson

No way would I allow my 8 year old to go away to boarding school! I can only imagine how the child would feel being there alone with no family!

O' Deer

My God, the pressure on those children. Really, all of the royal children to some degree. It's hard enough being a child but with a camera pointed at you 24/7, that has to be awful. I don't agree with sending them off at such a young age but I also don't think that William & Kate are bad parents if that is their choice. Children in Japan walk to the subways to go to school alone at 4yrs old. Different cultures.

Michelle Youngblood

William and Harry went to Boarding School when they were Prince George's age. That's what the Royals do. It has nothing to do with them not wanting to raise their son. When a Royal boy reaches a certain age they go to Boarding School and continue on until they go too College. William and Kate are very good parents to their 3 children. William and Kate might decide not to send Prince George to Boarding School an keep him where he is at now.


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