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Potomac, MD

'An incredible gift': Students invent wheelchair stroller for teacher's husband

Cover picture for the articleSeveral high school students in Maryland took home two international prizes after developing an accessible wheelchair stroller for their teacher's husband. The 10 students at Bullis High School in Potomac, Maryland developed two products which allow a person in a wheelchair to walk their child in a stroller. The first product, designed for newborns and small children, attaches a carseat to a wheelchair, and the second, created for older children, uses 3D-printed equipment to attach a stroller to a wheelchair itself.

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Angie Reynolds

That's so amazing for these students to do. Very good students that wants to help some one in need and where he can take the baby with him.

Bernadette Dodson

This is the kind of news item worthy of reading. It's so wonderful to hear about teens doing something good. And I'm sure there's lots more teens doing good deeds. Let's hear it for them. Less about the gangbangers. Way to go and God bless you and may you continue to be caring adults.

Denise Reyes

Awe some students doing good. So nice to see positive coming out of a school. God Job ! PARENTS !


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