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Dennis Rodman: "In Chicago, Michael Jordan Is A God And Scottie Pippen’s Jesus. I Should’ve Been Moses."

Cover picture for the articleDennis Rodman always made curious statements, which is a lot to say, knowing all his antics during and after his NBA career. The 5x NBA champion always knew how to get attention from people, going a little too far sometimes. Still, fans enjoyed watching and listening to him. As the...

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Cesar Hinds

my name is Caesar and this is to Dennis Rodman if Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen are being related to God and Jesus and yes you would be Moses and I am a chicagoan born and raised and what you've done for our city the Chicago Bulls will never be forgotten you will always be loved. Here thank you for everything you've done for Chicago and the Chicago Bulls

Frank Morrow

Huh? Mike greatest player ever Scottie was the MAN we gave Scottie all the credit he has ever deserved never slighted but he ain’t no Jesus and mike ain’t god and Rodman considered one of best defensive players ever not Moses

Kevin D'Errico

Scottie was never Jesus. All he did was complain about being in Jordan's shadow. He couldn't take the team to a victory when MJ went to play baseball.


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