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Royal Expert Claims Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Have Done This To The Queen

Cover picture for the articleMany people believe that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle blindsided Queen Elizabeth when they told her that they planned on stepping down as senior members of the royal family and moving out of the UK. The rumors had been all over the media for months, so it's no surprise that Oprah Winfrey asked Harry about it during their sit-down interview that aired on March 7. Harry responded point blank: "No, I never blindsided my grandmother. I have too much respect for her," he said, according to People magazine. However, there have since been reports that Prince William was most upset with Harry for "blindsiding" their grandmother, regardless of what Harry's side of the story may be. "That was it for William, he felt they'd blindsided the Queen in such an insulting and disrespectful way," a source told The Sunday Times (via The Sun).

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Jennifer Kretsinger

They admitted that while dating they decided they had no intentions of sticking around for the long haul. They wanted financial freedom, yet have done nothing but waste millions and demand financial backing by the Royals. She tried so hard to dig her grimy paws as deep as she could in the Royal coffers.. They also initially said they didn't want their children to be given titles, but had every intentions of reminding them they have royal blood in their veins. Those poor kids are going to be laughed at when they attempt to boast about it to their classmates. Why even tell them they're Royals if they want no royal influence under the moon to influence the kids in anyway, shape or form. God forbid should they ever attempt to have any close bonds with their little cousins. MeGain will drill them to no end about what all was done, said & by who.

Rita Meyer

William and Kate don't have a issue with the safety of their children who are much more important than Megnut and their children.


Harry & Rachel needs to GROW UP, They both ARE Spoiled ADULT BRATTS!! Rachel uses everyone!! She doesn't even want her own family, so it's no wonder she Alienates Harry's family!! All about NUT-MEG & her CONTROLLING behavior!! The ROYALS are to smart for her immaturity, Harry will eventually WAKE-UP, hope sooner than later. but Immaturity is a problem with HARRY & HIS MOMMYWIFE!!


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