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Patti LaBelle shares thoughts about Lil Nas X’s same-sex kiss at BET Awards

rolling out
rolling out
Photo source: A.R. Shaw for Steed Media

R&B diva Patti LaBelle has always been a supporter of people in the LGBTQ community, and they’ve supported her throughout her illustrious career as well. The “New Attitude” singer recently sat down with Clay Cane on his Sirius XM Urban View show and discussed Lil Nas X’s same-sex kiss during his BET Awards performance last month and the importance of being true to yourself.

“I am really understanding now that people understand people have to live their lives the way they need to live,” LaBelle explained. “Sometimes it’s not bad to be yourself. It’s always good to be yourself and let the chips fall, but don’t be afraid and stay in the closet for the rest of your life. Lil Nas X came out, he kissed the man on the BET Awards, and it was what he wanted to do. Does that make him a bad person? No, he did himself. I say keep on doing you.”

During the interview, LaBelle also revealed that she would be heading out on tour this fall. The last time she took the stage was in September last year when she and fellow diva Gladys Knight gave a performance of their hits on Verzuz.

“If you don’t know me by now, you know I’ve been home for 15 months. I’ve been walking around the house in pumps and my costumes trying to get ready in the mirror pretending I have a mic,” LaBelle added. “So on the 16th of September, we start the tour. And we must be safe, everyone has to be vaccinated. We can’t do some of the stuff we did before, but my heart is in it. I’m going to go all the way out.”

LaBelle is making the press rounds as she celebrates the 20th-anniversary edition of her cookbook, LaBelle Cuisine: Recipes to Sing About. Check out the clip from the interview below as LaBelle discusses her legendary career, book and more with Clay Cane.
(Image source: Instagram – @mspattilabelle)

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Brian Odeneal

I'm lil tired of seeing it pushed so hard on us. Why is it so important that every kid and person know that your sweet. They got to show it everyday on TV and every show and mostly show Black folks. humm!!


being "GAY" is "NOT" being yourself, thousands upon thousands of human beings are choosing to be this way, why not choose to travel to the Moon or Mars? all you are doing by being "GAY" is fighting "GOD" telling him that "HE" made a mistake, and my "GOD" doesn't make mistakes, you chose to live and to be that way, you were "NOT" born that way, you were born "MALE OR FEMALE" and GOD said that living this lifestyle is an "Abomination" and if you live your whole life gay and die here do you think that your soul will go? to Heaven?....


it's an abomination! gross! With his Satan shoes and blood. I guess he's enjoying it while he can...time is ticking. I feel sorry for him.


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