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Stop going to church

Valley News

Cover picture for the articleZachary Elliot Special to Valley News With many of the quarantine restrictions beginning to lift, a lot of us are going places. We’re going to the movies, going to the beach, even going on vacation. We like going places, don’t we? You might even, on occasion, like going to church. What if I told you to stop doing that? That’s right; I want you to stop going to church. I don’t want you to stop going to the grocery store or to work. I want you to stop going to church. For some of you, those might be the sweetest words you’ve ever heard a pastor say. I mean, now you have your Sundays free to go to more places, right? Well, before you get too excited, let me help you understand what I mean. Going to church is not something you do, like going to Disneyland, the park or.

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