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Beverly Hills, CA

Scott Disick shops with new woman as Harry Hamlin admits age gap between Disick and daughter Amelia is 'odd'

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleScott Disick and girlfriend Amelia Hamlin are apparently still dating despite their 18-year age gap. But on Wednesday, the reality TV star, 38, was spotted shopping in Beverly Hills, Calif., with a new woman while the model, 20, was seen elsewhere leaving a friend's house. Their relationship is a major...

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leeann germani

Lisa and Harry keep your daughter away from Scott. Yes she may be of age but she needs to be guided far away from this guy. He is bad news and really has nothing to offer your daughter. I really admire you both as parents, you both are down to earth and just good people. Anything that comes out of the K family is toxic and no one should give them any more attention and time. I pray your daughter finds her way through this crush and she sees that she is meant for better things and people in her life.

Debora Clark

why is he a sleazball? His girlfriends are of legal age and he makes no secr e t that his friendship and co parenting his kids with Kourtney K comes first. He's truthful so what's so sleazy? There is an 18 year age gap but there are alot of couples out there with a big age difference. If these girls want to settle down and be numero uno they need to look further


When Scotts daughter is 18, I hope she tells daddy, meet my 46 yr old boyfriend.😛😉😎👍


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