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Predicting final record for all 32 NFL teams, plus ranking all 32 rosters by talent and Rams uniform leak

CBS Sports

Cover picture for the articleI don't know if Tom Brady is directly related to King Midas, but I'm starting to think he is, because everything that guy touches turns to gold. It's now been roughly 16 months since Brady signed with the Buccaneers and in that time, Tampa Bay HAS STARTED WINNING SPORTS TITLES LEFT AND RIGHT. There is no way this is a coincidence. With the Lightning winning the Stanley Cup on Wednesday, Tampa has now claimed three championships since Sept. 28 of last year. That's three titles in 282 days. That's an average of one title every 94 days. It's insane.

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Jameil Jester

Once I saw the Cowboys at 12-5 I knew then someone was drunk when they wrote this article


The Cowboys are overrated every year. The announcers drool all over themselves calling the game and then they end up sucking anyway. Same thing this year!


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