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Wichita, KS

Moment dad cuddles newborn that SURVIVED despite pregnant mom being killed in horrific police chase crash

The US Sun
The US Sun

THIS is the heartbreaking moment a dad cuddles his newborn son that survived after his pregnant wife died in a car crash.

Samantha Russell, 22, who was 33 weeks pregnant died following the collision in Wichita, Kansas on Tuesday.
Brandon Russell, 21, uploaded a heartbreaking photo of him holding his newborn baby son Mac Credit: Facebook
Brandon's wife Samantha was killed in a car crash in Kansas on Tuesday Credit: Facebook

A heartbreaking picture uploaded to Facebook shows her husband Brandon, 21, holding his newborn son Mac.

Medics were able to safely deliver the baby boy but he is reportedly in a critical condition, KWCH reports.

Brandon said Samantha would've been a "fantastic mother" and said he takes "solace" as he has a son to "cherish and remember her".

He said: "She always, always knew what to say when I was going through an issue or needed advice. She was the best person to know.

"From her bubbly attitude and being all over the place to her knowing when it was "couch-thirty" and time to watch Netflix."
Doctors were able to safely deliver baby Mac Credit: Facebook
Mac was born on Tuesday and weighs just over five pounds Credit: Facebook

He branded his wife an "all-around good person" and said, "she didn't deserve to die on impact".

In a moving tribute, Brandon wrote: "She was the best example of what it looks like to be happy."

He told his Facebook friends to live life to the full and cherish friends and family.

Brandon said: "You never know what to expect every day."
Brandon and Samantha revealed the news that they were expecting a baby in January Credit: Facebook
Brandon described his wife as an 'all-round good person' Credit: Facebook
Javan Ervin allegedly fled in a pickup truck and crashed into Samantha's Mazda car Credit: Sedgwick County Jail

Cops arrested two men after responding to a disturbance with a gun at a hotel.

Javan Ervin, 37, allegedly fled in a pickup truck, ran through a red light, and crashed into Samantha's Mazda car and two others, KWCH reports.

Police called off the chase because of the high speeds and traffic conditions.

He ran from the crash site but was arrested, cops said.

Ervin was arrested on suspicion of aggravated battery, first-degree murder, and criminal possession of a firearm.

He was ordered held without bond on Wednesday morning.

A 34-year-old man was arrested in connection with a previous robbery, according to police.

A man driving a Chevy Silverado and a 73-year-old woman were also hit in the crash.

The woman was taken to hospital for her injuries.

Brandon and Samantha, who married in 2019, announced their pregnancy in January and revealed they were having a baby boy in March.

A GoFundMe page has been created to help the family cover expenses and it had already reached $5,000 by Wednesday.

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user from W Ma

This is so heartbreaking. I hope her family and loved ones find the strength they need to heal. I also hope that the woman brought to the hospital for her injuries heals quickly. This is so sad. Be well everyone and stay safe.

laura fay

wishing baby a health healing, and wishing Daddy a heart and emotional healing. my sincerest condolences for the loss of your precious wife and the precious mother of your baby boy. Godspeed.

Emanuel Johnbaptiste

people live all their life commiting crimes terrorizing people they have no mercy for other people. and they bring down innocent people with them


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