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Steve Harvey details why he and wife Marjorie broke up (video)

rolling out
rolling out
Steve Harvey (Photo credit: / Joe Seer)

Comedian Steve Harvey recalls when he told his current wife Marjorie that he’d marry her after they met for the first time.

But Harvey also admitted that they broke up after he had become homeless in the late 1980s.

The “Family Feud” host recounted his love story on “The Carlos Watson Show,” which was published on Wednesday, July 7, 2021.

“I met her in the late 1980s. We dated for a year and a half. I was in Memphis, Tennessee. She came into the comedy club late. She came to the front row. And when I saw her, I couldn’t believe it, man. And the audience started giggling because I was just staring at her.”

That’s when Harvey made his declaration to her on the spot that she was going to be his.

“I said, ‘I don’t know who you are. But I’m going to marry you one day,'” he proclaimed.

But the magic carpet ride quickly crashed and burned when Harvey hit hard times.

“We broke up because I became homeless,” he says. Harvey was the one who cut off communication because he didn’t want her to know. He never returned to Memphis and they both got married to other people.

Harvey remains indebted to his bodyguard, who was instrumental in helping Harvey and his wife get back together after Harvey divorced his ex-wife.

While Harvey gambled in Las Vegas, the bodyguard called Marjorie Harvey’s friend and found out she was also divorced. So the bodyguard quickly arranged a call between Harvey and his current wife.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Harvey said. “It was the day after I got divorced. The day after.”

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Cynthia Marks

this says that they broke up in THE LATE 80's PEOPLE,!; READ THE ARTICLE!!!! The captions are misleading to draw you in. We get these old articles because of the PANDEMIC smh

jackie lowry

and you know this she didn't want to be bothered cuz she was about money. and where you needed to be she came back end of story. she didn't come back because of what you said she came back because you got money obvious, that's what you're saying basically she about money. so she wouldn't do that struggle with you she was too busy looking for her come up. and she found it in her husband the one that they say was a big Dope Dealer, obviously so he got locked up then she came back looking for you do the math. that wasn't an accident she knew exactly what she was doing you pretty much saying it if you read between the lines.


I Admire and love Steve HARVEY and his beautiful family, many blessings for them. His past is not our business, we all have a past. JUST REMEMBER THE PAST IS BEHIND. He is a good comedian , very talented,and a good human being,with a good heart.that is why god we,d him blessings. LOVE U STEVE UR ARIZONA FAN.


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