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400-Pound Grizzly Bear Pulls Woman From Her Tent, Kills Her

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A California woman was killed in her sleep by a grizzly bear while camping in Montana. Leah Davis Lokan, 65, was sleeping in her tent when the 400-pound bear attacked her. Campers in another tent heard the commotion and used bear spray to scare the animal away. Officials said the...

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Joshua Thomas

Ok so let me tell all people that come to the west to go camping in idaho, Montana, or noth weatern Wyoming please do the following. Cary a hand gun preferably in 44 mag or bigger with hard cast bullets. keep said gun close at hand at all times. Make sure that if you are back packing you store your food upp a tree in a bag. If you are camp ground camping place food inside of a vehicle, bear rated cooler, or other approved containers. Once agin keep larg gun close at hand some times bear spray works sometimes it doe not

Nelli Aagard

Actually don’t camp in a tent in bear country. We have a friend that was mauled in a hunting camp. By the Grace of God he survived. Just don’t do it.


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