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Unvaccinated Cruise Guests Get Second-Class Treatment at Sea

Cover picture for the articleRoyal Caribbean’s 4,275-passenger Freedom of the Seas has restarted sailings from Miami to the Bahamas with two classes of passengers on board—those who’ve been vaccinated against Covid-19, and those who have not. Jabbed guests, identified with special wristbands, get full run of the ship; those unprotected from the virus won’t even be able to walk into the sushi bar, casino, or spa.

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I don’t know who would even want to take a cruise at this point. People are blasting those who didn’t get the vaccine but it’s a reality, just like this article says that people that have been vaccinated can still carry the virus and give it to someone else, because this vaccine also doesn’t keep you from getting Covid. So they can keep their cruises and keep passing it off to each other. They will keep blaming those that are unvaccinated on the cruise ships when it’s just as likely that it was passed on by the vaccinated.

happy ☺️

Only unvaccinated people have a problem. If you don’t like the rules of the cruise ships get vaccinated or stay home it’s as simple as that!

Chuppa Doo

What’s funny is that most of the people complaining probably don’t cruise anyway. I’ve cruised a few times before the pandemic and I may again someday. Right now I have not gotten the vaccine and don’t plan on it. I also totally understand why the cruise lines only want vaccinated people on their ships. Illnesses spread like wildfire on those things. Norovirus can be a nightmare. And oh how quickly everyone has forgotten the beginning of the pandemic when the cruise ships at sea were Covid cans filled with the sick and dying that no country, including the US, would let dock. Why in the hell anyone should be allowed on board without a vaccination or would want to GET on board without one is beyond me.


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