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Cowboys Icon Irvin Pleads For Help After Robbery


FRISCO - Michael Irvin was trying to be nice, pausing in a hotel lobby to interact with some fans. As his reward? the iconic Dallas Cowboys wide receiver and Hall-of-Famer, upon reaching to retrieve the bag he'd set down on the floor, realized that one of those "fans'' had stolen a piece of his luggage.

“I have to come out of this depression. So I am sharing with ALL,” Irvin wrote on Twitter.“This is my necklace that was in my bag. I designed it as a first-down chain, holding an all diamond football, which is holding an all-diamond cross.”

And, Irvin added, there is further significance.

“On each end of the cross are diamonds I acquired at the birth of my children Myesha, Chelsea, Michael and Elijah,'' he said. "It was a piece I built over my life that represents. Faith, Family and Football and my own sentimental way of praying to GOD please always protect my babies.

"I am so hurt [it’s] gone.”

Irvin, 55, says the special family jewelry item was stolen from him while he was at a hotel in Miami. Irvin says he was robbed of the item when he put his baggage down while at the hotel in order to interact with some fans.

Irvin is a victim of his own generosity here, which makes this all the more unfortunate. The all-time great receiver is almost always buoyant and cooperative when it comes to fans. But now? Irvin is offering a reward to anyone with information on what happened. ... as he now needs to locate that "fan'' who robbed him.

Of course, it is not surprising that while he's still in search of his property, he returned to being buoyant by posting the above video.

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It's not safe or wise to own flashy expensive jewelry these days. Just don't. People have lost all respect and morals and they will kill to take what you have.

Lord Mercury Knight

3 or 4 years ago I got into some beef with about 4 hot-headed teens and a group homeboys stopped to help me fight them. The teens took off not wanting the smoke but my phone I put down was missing. I guess that was payment for helping me lol.

D Carter

wow! how awful. I just hope someone sat their bag down, to interact with him.. and picked up his bag by accident.. realize the error & get his whole complete bag with items intact back to rightful owner. praying for positive outcome....


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