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Newborn Baby's Partially Eaten Body Found Near Gas Agency, Search On For Mother

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A newborn baby's body was found abandoned near a gas agency in India on Tuesday. The police said the body had been partially eaten by stray dogs. Staff working for the gas agency in the northern state of Punjab saw the canines feeding on the body, local media reported [Google Translate showed]. They then informed the police who arrived at the scene and took the remains to a nearby hospital.

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Audrey Lanier

No, my opinion only. Take the out back an execute them. If, they would start punishing the guilty as in when they murder and find them guilty then either gas chamber, electric chair, hang'em or put them in the back and execute them... Sorry but if they would do this all over the world maybe just maybe crimes would surely stop.

William Martin

I have to wonder how many of these outraged people have aborted a child that they didn't want. Killing is killing. Dead is dead. You can sugar-coat it but a dead baby is the result.


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