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Some Vaccinated People Are Dying From Covid 19 – Here’s The Reason

Cover picture for the articleThe novel coronavirus changed our lives for good. While at the beginning of the pandemic, people believe that is a couple of months life would go back to normal, things were not like this at all. More than a year and a half passed and humanity is still struggling with the virus.

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well they can't even get their fear mongering facts straight I have read several stories saying that 90% of the ppl doing from covid was the unvaccinated, now they are saying 50% of them were vaccinated, so if half the deaths are vaccinated how many vaccinated have gotten it. sounds like the vaccine isn't doing that great

D. Walla

what's so funny they're so worried about everyone that they've shut off the airports from India and abroad that are struggling with this virus as we speak. oh no they didn't they just keep coming on in. just like in your Southern border. I'm sure all those people are being tested and immunized before they're released into America. ffs people wake up. it's all a money game and Americans are losing. get ready for another shut down this winter. it's coming. so everyone can line up and get their stimulus check. expect this to drag well into 2022 I'm guessing sometime in November 2022

Tim Dixon

If my people That has been called by my name And will humble themselves Turn from their wicked ways I will Hear from heaven I will heal their land. Just imagine all we have to do is repent As a nation as a people Turn back to the creator. And you will one way or the other


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