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'I dislike two of my grandkids. Do I have to help them through university as I did the others?'


Cover picture for the articleI have five grandchildren and three of them are angels but my youngest son’s kids are, let's just say, not. They are unruly, rude and act like spoiled brats. I’m constantly shocked and ashamed of their behaviour. They are teenagers (17 and 15) so I can look past their anger and ungratefulness. My son can’t seem to see it but the rest of the family does.

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Carla Joos

I had a handicapped son. My MIL never accepted him. Told me one day she could not even look at him. She would buy my other 2 sons Birthday, Easter and Christmas gifts and nothing for my special needs son. I finally told her "You accept all my children or none. You accept all my family or none. But you will not pretend that your grandson doesn't exist. You are the one who is losing. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and you and your narrow mind is stopping you from an amazing child." So meet with your grandchildren, alone and get to know them and what their plans are and goals are. And leave your opinion on what you think they are behind. They might surprise you. otherwise you are just widening the gap of your time left

Judy Soward

I disliked my mother's mother. She was 100% German and ran the family like Hitler had given her that right. I removed myself completely from her life and I referred to her as "little Hitlerett" I only went to the funeral for my mom and grandfather even though I felt allot of everything was his fault for allowing her to dictate to everyone

Joe Loggins

Nope. You don't even have to visit with him. I had grandparents I didn't see often and I didn't bond with them. It was no big deal really.


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