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Phoenix, AZ

Aspiring model found shot dead in car after being reported missing

New York Post

Cover picture for the articleAn aspiring model was found shot dead inside a car in a Phoenix alley over the weekend — less than two days after her parents reported her missing, a report said. Itzel Espinoza, 17, was last seen by her family on Thursday night before she left to hang out with friends, her heartbroken father, Eduardo Espinoza, told

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Cookies Cream

one model drowned then another model got shot. coronavirus really knocking every one off 📴 they rythm I model my butt in the house until I get my bullet proof vest and cap from china or where ever they make it.

Madelyn Davis

prayers in thr mighty holy name of Jesus for comfort and peace for this family and there friends. amen in Jesus healing name amen


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