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What happened to Quinn? Is Rena Sofer leaving The Bold And The Beautiful?

Cover picture for the articleFans of The Bold And The Beautiful are curious to know what happened to Quinn Fuller following Monday’s episode (5 July) of the show. The moment that truly made fans’ heads spin was where Quinn gets kicked out of the house by Eric after admitting she had an affair with Carter.

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Barbie A

Brooke should talk. She has bedded all the Forrester men plus her daughter’s husband, that is where Hope came from. Quinn knows what Brooke is all about, definitely not any better than Quinn!

Maribel Gonzalez

i love quinn n i dont like brooke shes tired been around the world n yayaya good bye brooke y her y always her she been in everyone s bed even her daughter with her husband n hope ohhhh always me said elmet fudge hahaha n who is hopes father deacon het oldest daughters husband tired tired old show needs to be canceled


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