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Demi Moore and daughter Rumer look like twins in new vacation pic

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Cover picture for the articleActor Demi Moore and her daughter Rumer Willis got to soak up the sun together on the Greek island of Santorini on the Fourth of July, and as a recent photo shows, the duo looks like they could be twins. Moore shared a sweet selfie with her oldest daughter on...

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Miriam Chartier

These stars are all fallen in the eyes of God. I do not look up to them or any one. Hollywood has partaken in such evils and made money turning children into sick people that have nothing in common with people of GOD. They walk among us following the wrong spirit many have taken children in rituals and blood sacrifice. Many of our former presidents and leaders kept children as sex slaves having stars their handlers. FBI Ted Gunderson uncovered a group he named The Family United together serving satan as god to work taking down us who are of GOD . Wake Up world this pack of MAD dogs see themselves as gods that are in this Family of Pure evil. Senator Nancy Schaefer & Husband both killed when she uncovered the same group of strange people working in our government & others in the world selling children for cash. Enough is Enough let’s us take back this world to know GOD and HIS goodness

Brandy Myers

All three look like Bruce, all three have very long faces, its a shame none of them looked like Demi.

Audree Sanders

Nope the three eldest daughters look like their Dad. Demi didn't pass on her beautiful looks to her daughters.


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