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Mum’s warning as baby burned & blinded after rolling off bed, turning on hairdryer and blasting herself with hot air

The US Sun
The US Sun

A BABY was left blinded and with horrific burns to her head and neck in a freak accident with a hairdryer.

Sienna Robbins had been sleeping on her parents' double bed when she rolled onto the floor and managed to turn on the dryer that was lying nearby.
Sienna suffered horror burns and her face swelled up, temporarily blinding her Credit: SUPPLIED/ NEWS.AU
The Adelaide baby was left with horror injuries Credit: SUPPLIED/ NEWS.AU
The seven-month-old rolled off her parents bed and accidentally turned on a hairdryer causing the burn Credit: SUPPLIED/ NEWS.AU

The hot blast from the hairdryer left the baby with second and third-degree burns on her head and neck that required urgent surgery.

Her eyes were also swollen shut, leaving her blind for three days.

Sienna is currently in Adelaide’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Here she was expected to need surgery every two days over the next six weeks while her traumatised parents camp by her bedside.

Mum Dannielle Robbins said she and husband Levi had been playing board games in the lounge room with their family when the accident happened on Saturday night.

Speaking on a GoFundMe page she set up to help with costs, Dannielle said: "Sienna’s room is right near the lounge so I put her in our room so we didn’t wake her.

With the hair dryer on her she has suffered second and third degree burns on her head and down her neck

"I checked on her every 15 mins and I put barricades on either side of the bed so she wouldn’t crawl off (our bed is low to the ground)."

But when Dannielle heard the hairdryer going, she said she "raced" to check on Sienna, and found her rolled on her back on the floor with terrible burns to her head and neck.

She said: "With the hairdryer on her she has suffered second and third degree burns on her head and down her neck.

"I yelled for Levi to call an ambulance, stripped us both down and jumped into the cold shower and put her on the breast while I poured cold water all over her head over and over again."

She was taken to hospital with huge blisters forming on her head, the infant’s eyes swollen shut, rendering her blind.
Her family are fundraising to cover costs while they are camped by her bedside Credit: SUPPLIED/ NEWS.AU
The seven-month-old rolled off her parents' bed and accidentally turned on a hairdryer causing the burns Credit: SUPPLIED/ NEWS.AU

Following one operation, Sienna’s parents were told she’d need many more and that her hair "most likely will not grow back in some heavily burnt areas on her head".

Dannielle said: "We, as her parents, are shattered that anything like this could happen to our little angel.

"We have spent the last four days sleep-deprived, not eating or drinking well and emotionally drained from the pain we see our baby in constantly.

"We have cried for days on end for our little girl and wish we could take her pain as our own."

On Facebook, Dannielle – a nurse – described feeling "like the most horrible parents in the world", following the shock accident.

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Chastity Jefferson

I'm sorry there are several holes in this story. If the mom ran as soon as she heard the hair dryer this would not of happened. she must of been real involved with something else other than her child. yes a hair dryer gets hot fast but that baby had to of been laying all over that hair dryer for a hot minute for her head and neck and eyes to be burnt by a hair dryer. parents are so in tuned to their cell phones and social media that they don't hear or see Nothing else around them. and that was probably exactly what this mom was doing. the mom says I check on her every 15 minutes, even when you hear the hair dryer running???!!! what really!!??

Me You

i hope the best for the child. where should i start.. child should be in a crib or bassinet #1 and a plugged in hair dryer on the floor? i wonder what other great ideas these parents will do? suprised that the parents still have custody.

Save Democracy

What was a plugged in hairdryer doing on the floor next to the bed? Who dries their hair in bed? Who leaves a hairdryer plugged in after using it? That sweet little baby doesn’t deserve to suffer from such neglect!


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