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Is Justin leaving The Bold and the Beautiful?

The US Sun
The US Sun

THE Bold and the Beautiful has been airing on CBS since 1987.

The soap opera has over 8,000 episodes, spanning over 34 seasons since its release.
Justin Barber is played by actor Aaron Spears

Is Justin leaving The Bold and the Beautiful?

It is unclear if Justin Barber’s character will be leaving The Bold and the Beautiful.

Justin, played by actor Aaron Spears, has been a recurring character on the series since 2009.

In the latest episode of the soap opera, Justin and Bill Spencer are at odds as he is being accused of trying to take over Bill’s empire.

Bill and his son Liam are in jail and Justin has reportedly gone rogue instead of helping to free them.
It is unclear if Justin will be leaving The Bold and the Beautiful Credit: CBS

Fans are wondering what the fate of Justin looks like once Bill finds out what he has been doing behind his back.

What did people say about Justin on The Bold and the Beautiful?

In light of the latest episode, fans of the soap opera took to Twitter to discuss Justin and Bill’s frenemy situation.

One user wrote: “I’m having fun realizing “Justin” has probably felt this way for a long while.

“I’m thinking back to all the advice Justin gave over the years to Bill and thinking…..Maybe that wasn’t advice after all, but laying a trap.
Fans want to see more of Justin's character on the soap opera Credit: Twitter

“#BoldandBeautiful Now, Justin’s day has come. (For now).”

A second replied: “I love this character change, especially for Justin. I can imagine he felt this way for a long time.

“People do hide their feelings, smile in people's faces, plot internally, and show true colors. It is a soap and it is entertaining. I am happy for Aaron to have his moment on B&B.”

Another fan wrote: “He is doing an Emmy worthy job! It’s about time Justin gets a worthy storyline. I can’t wait to see what happens next!”

How can I watch The Bold and the Beautiful?

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS at 1.30pm ET.

Episodes of the series are available to stream on the CBS website, on Paramount+, YouTube TV, and on Hulu with a paid subscription.

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Donna Sullivan

Who knew the guy who plays Justin can actually act!! Ive enjoyed watching him play evil...they should have let him be a villian all along.

Dorothy Gettel

please don't drag it out too long I don't like watching that guy in a cage


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